Let us spell this out for you. While millions of shoppers have chosen to celebrate the famous Black Friday, we’d like to make a polite suggestion. Not a stubborn argument, but a reasonable suggestion. Maybe it also serves notice as a reasonable question. You have opinions and views, so you could tell your fellow readers what you make of this day. You can also tell them what you think about this suggestion. So, here you have the annual Black Friday festivities. But isn’t it true that it is already being celebrated twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Isn’t it already being celebrated already on all the other days of the week, not forgetting that there are other important festivals around the world that are driving online shoppers to their markets to hunt for fresh new bargains.

Black Friday

So, there you have it.

The suggestion has been made, the question has been asked and, perhaps even, the case has been made. How it all started was quite phenomenal. Take the day in its literal meaning and you appreciate that it was a very bleak day indeed. But how the world went mad in its positive response thereto. Shops were running on empty. They weren’t collecting much in revenue. The folks that would normally be shopping with them simply could not. They simply had run out of cash. And if they did not have cash to begin with then, quite frankly, they had their cards swiped. Not swiped to make another online purchase, but swiped as in maxed out and even confiscated.

What a bummer! How were people to survive? No more wars, only peace, and the one thing that continues to bring bliss to all around the world, no matter where they are and what their position or financial status, is to be able to go shopping freely. But for most, this has been almost impossible. In commemoration of the original Black Friday retailers from around the world started to do the right thing. They started knocking their prices down, almost to rock bottom. But let’s be honest, this is no longer an annual affair.

Now, it’s happening all year round. And if folks don’t have those cards no more, especially after they burned their fingers off at the time of that other dramatic time in the world’s history, now known as the Great Recession, they can still shop online with cash to hand. And even if they don’t have cash to spare, they can always snap up vouchers or coupons. Not capons, coupons. With your coupons to hand, you most certainly will be able to buy capons, frozen or farm fresh, yes, even that these days. You treat this like gold in reserve and you’ll always have something available for the next rainy day. Or if you really must, the next big Black Friday. Whatever you choose, do enjoy it and do it wisely.